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Welcome to Assmus Angus Ranch

24th Annual Bull Sale

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Wed, March 13, 2024

Platte Livestock Market

This registered herd was started on the premise that we would produce cattle to improve upon our commercial herd.   JR and Linda’s herd started out in the 1980s as a dairy herd driven to produce the most milk.  In 2000, JR made a decision to exit the dairy business and to let the kids start into the cattle business. Thus, the family-owned Assmus Angus Ranch was formed. 


Early on, the cows were selected primarily on milking ability, broodiness, and disposition.  These are characteristics that JR believes to be the most essential in a herd.  Since the start, artificial insemination has been the primary way of improving genetics starting every April and ending just before June.  Along the way we picked up weaning weights and carcass data by using the top sires in the breed, but have always remained true to the functionality of the cow.  Our data is all collected by third parties to assure our customers are getting accurate and honest EPDs. 


We at Assmus Angus have a definite passion for cattle and always love to “shoot the bull.”  Feel free to get in touch with us if you think an Assmus bull is what your bull battery is missing.

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The Assmus Family

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